All My August Days

How have we come to the end of August already?

I’m none too happy about it.

Yet here it is, and here we are. I’m not quite ready to throw in the beach towel just yet, and I will extend it for as long as possible with this little look back at some of the Augusts that came before…

My rekindled love affair with the beach began here, in August of 2010.

In August of 2011 it seemed I was in reflective state of mind, remembering even further back.

The Summer Olympics first put this blog on the map for many in August 2012. If you recall, Ryan Lochte was there too, but he wasn’t vandalizing things and lying about it afterward.

It was a more innocent time then, when Prince Harry got naked and that was big news.

August 2012 was when I spent my birthday in Provincetown. Or close-enough. It was also when I fulfilled a life-long dream. And said goodnight in the best possible way.

August 2013 found the Monday morning recap in full-effect. Ready to Mount. Inside and outside.

For my birthday in August 2014, I let other guys take their clothes off and show off their birthday suits.

Last year, August marked the kick-off of my final tour. Delusional and grand, it continues to this very day, and our Rehoboth Beach stop will be chronicled in short order. Stay tuned…

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