A Fool’s Recap

The first of April came and went with its customary full-frontal male nudity moment. This time Zac Efron leaked his cock-shot, such as it was. Mostly though, the turn of the calendar page meant a look back at my time in the desert. Let’s stay in that zone for one more post.

It started in subtle style, with a damp beard and wet spike.

Hummingbirds were everywhere.

Citrus dangling in the sun.

Never overlook the light.

Raptors in flight, afternoon delight.

The desert in bloom.

A desert mystery unraveled.

The march of the saguaro.

Following a desert trail.

The fall of a saguaro.

Another desert mystery begins.

A sunset away from the boulevard.

A final desert recap with a recap.

The Hunk of the Day feature returned with Joseph Boyd and Alistair Brammer.

The Madonna Timeline feature returned with a track from her epic ‘Ray of Light’ album.

Finally, sexy came back in the form of a naked Trevor Donovan.

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