Unknown Desert Flower


A specimen of the cheery yellow-flowered plant seen here greeted me upon my entrance at the resort. Of course the first thing I did upon seeing it was bend down and take a deep sniff, and there was a gorgeously sweet aroma that met my nose. It reminded me vaguely of mimosa, and I would end up seeing these plants in full bloom along the road and in various landscaped areas throughout Tucson. Sadly, there were none at the botanical garden or national parks, so I had no reference or labeled groupings that would give me an indication of what they might be.

Instead, I spent time searching the resort grounds trying to find the original planting that so captured my olfactory interest. Eventually I found it again, and breathed in its lovely perfume. I will do some good image research and see if I can figure out what produces such a cheery show and fine fragrance. Perhaps Jo Malone has made use of it.

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