A Coming Out Recap

Though it’s Tuesday it certainly feels like a Monday, and having just returned from a wonderful vacation in Maine, I’m feeling lazy enough for a recap. Since today is National Coming Out Day, why don’t we do a big gay recap?

Let’s begin with a parade.

A gay publication.

Gay pride.

Marriage equality.

The secret.

The progress.

Like a religion.

A lovely couple.

An anchor and a muse.

The bad… and the good.

The art.

The art, again.

The moon & the fag.

The non-gay.

The gay hero.

The gay hero, again.

The gay radio.

The hella cute gay.

The gay heart.

The gay hope.

This is so gay.

Gay shame.

Gay threats.

Gay lives lost.

And a visit to a gay bar with my Mom.

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