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The Small Screen


The bed has a way of pulling you into it. Pulling you deep beneath covers, under pillows and blankets and sheets, drowning in an ocean of thread counts and fibers and the entrance to sleep. It lifts and carries, calls and cajoles, lilts and lulls ~ the combined effect of which serves to deliciously disorient on the order of the lotus-eaters.

Rippling water like waves of desert sand in Egyptian cotton.

The folds of the body of the earth.

Hazy, ambient noise of gauze and womb, soft and warmly inviting yet cold and hard as glass. A throw, a reflection, a question of indeterminate origin, lingering in the grainy atmosphere.

The erudite world collapses. The edges dissipate and disappear. The straight lines bend and sway and drop off completely. The corners curve and bounce back.

It is sucking you in, and there is no way out.

And then you are gone.

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Racy Almost-Rans…


Now that the Holiday Card 2012 has been revealed, I can show you a few shots that didn’t quite make the cut. The inspiration for these was a combination of disturbing and sometimes disparate things that caught my eye in the last year or so – particularly ‘American Horror Story’, a few bits of ‘Dexter’ (blame Andy for that infiltrating my life), and a classic Janis Joplin tune (‘Piece of My Heart’). The notion of doing a somewhat scary image was intriguing, as I’ve actually never thought to marry that to one of my holiday cards (I don’t consider S&M all that frightening, so those don’t count). This, however, incorporated some blood and guts (or at least a substitute heart), and it ranks high on my amusement list. The look on Andy’s face alone as the various props were being assembled was a priceless highlight of the year. (The work involved in getting stubborn fake-blood stains off my hands was not as fun.)

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The Holiday Card 2012 ~ A Christmas Massacre

XMAS 2012 Feat
Without further ado, I present both sides of this year’s Holiday Photo Card. Eat Your Holiday Heart Out…

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Hunk of the Day: Austin Armacost and His Ample Ass


This requested gem comes from the “cast” of ‘The A-List’, some gay reality show that I was told is completely horrid. Though how can it be if it features the beauteous maximus of Hunk of the Day Austin Armacost? (Actually, I’m told he was one of the worst ones, which just goes to show that pretty packages don’t always run deep.) At any rate, this site is not always those looking for something deeper – sometimes it’s simply for those looking.

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Hunk of the Day: Josh Wald (Whose Hotness Must Be Seen to Be Believed)


I’m not sure how Josh Wald has not been chosen yet for the Hunk of the Day, other than the fact that I must have just assumed he had already been one. in fact, this is his first appearance here, a woefully ignominious omission. Mr. Wald was, I believe, a skateboarder before he gained prominence as a male model, and though I’m not a fan of extensive tattoos (and by extensive I mean one), I can deal with his. Hey, one must be flexible about these sorts of things.

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Thanksgiving Nakedness

111212 567

In a blatant bit of pandering to those who loyally return here day after day (and have asked for it), here are some bonus skin shots from my recent trip to NY and The Out. It seems slightly less tasteless to post these now than, say, Christmas or Easter. Not that I’d have a problem with either (and I believe the latter did provide the backdrop for some latex and lace fiasco one year…)

“Do you know how sometimes you see a man, and you’re not sure if you want to get in his pants or if you want to cry? Not because you can’t have him; maybe you can. But you see right away something in him beyond having. You can’t screw your way into it, any more than you can get at the golden egg by slitting the goose. So you want to cry, not like a child, but like an exile who is reminded of his homeland.” ~ Mark Merlis

Hope you have enjoyed our Thanksgiving Parade of nudity. Now stuff it. (The turkey, of course.)

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Lying Naked

111212 449

I’m still in Boston, so the lazy parade of gratuitous black-and-white artfully-shot nude poses will continue for a little while longer. With all the skin, there seems little need for a Hunk of the Day post (and I refuse, in spite of all evident vanity, to put myself up as such). Fittingly, these were shot on location at The Out in NYC. The bed was heavenly, the sheets were like clouds, and the mirror was divine.

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Now Voyeur


Only the trained eye of the Voyeur could imagine the power the watched wield.

The focus fades. The light grows dim. The afternoon asks for more.

A gaze, off in the distance, indirect and uninviting. The bleak brittleness of solitude.

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Zylka

12Chris Zylka 01

When seeking out possible Hunk of the Day candidates, it’s always an interesting and sometimes circuitous path that leads to someone I’d never heard of before. Such is the case with our selection today – Chris Zylka – and to be honest, I still have no clue who this is. But when you come upon a GIF that just won’t quit, such as the bare-ass naked shot below, you flaunt your ignorance and put it up anyway, if only for the few loyal followers who appreciate such things. (I’m not technologically-savvy or clever enough to come up with a GIF of my own ass, otherwise it would be more over-exposed than it is now.) On this particular exercise in bringing you the Hunk of the Day, we passed by several stills of a shirtless Chris Evans, who will be back again shortly. Stay tuned…

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Hunk of the Day: Scott Herman, Butt Naked


It’s always a bonus when the Hunk of the Day turns out to be slightly more than beautiful on the outside – in this case we have straight ally and fitness guru Scott Herman. He won me over at ‘straight ally’, and cemented the deal at ‘fitness guru’ – read: hunk. I believe Mr. Herman came to public prominence a few years ago on one of the Real World series. (Is that thing still on? I can still recall the very first season back in 92′… Shit, could I feasibly be old enough to be Scott Herman’s father? We’ll go with youthful Uncle and call is a crazy day.) At any rate, here he is, trying on (and off) some underwear.

This bitch is both a pleasant, and somewhat unpleasant, reminder that I need to get back in shape. Though I’ll probably wait until the New Year to start that uphill battle. No sense in starting something that will only get derailed by the holidays.

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A Suit of Suds


This could quite possibly be my new favorite outfit – a modified birthday suit of soap bubbles – as transitory as it is tingly. I was considering wearing it to the Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Festival, but it didn’t pass the hug test (I usually end up hugging a lot of people that night, and it just wouldn’t stay on). It also doesn’t travel well – it barely lasted for the duration of these photos. Still, it tugs at my heart, recalling childhood flights of fancy , of ephemeral innocence, of fantastical fairy garb.

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Hunk of the Day: Underwear Model (And Then Some) Quinn Jaxon


Another selection from the request annals for the Hunk of the Day, this is Mr. Quinn Jaxon, a model who has done extensive work for Andrew Christian (and several other entities based on the far dirtier photos I found). For some reason I doubt whether ‘Quinn Jaxon’ is his real name, but who am I to question? I’m just glad to see someone slightly scruffier make the scene. It is, after all, practically Movember…

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