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Naked, Ordinary

“Who isn’t an ordinary person? How horribly presumptuous to want to be anything else. But I have to tell you. I’ve been treated as something special for so long and I’ve tried my hardest to be something special but I’m not, I’m not exceptional, I’m smart enough, but I’m not brilliant and I’m not spiritual or even all that focused. I think I can stand that, but I’m not sure if the people around me can.” ~ Michael Cunningham

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Mears


Move over Tom Daley – way over – as this is Chris Mears, the Hunk of the Day. How we managed to miss this Olympic diver is beyond me, but he’s here now, in all his altogether for the Gay Times’ Naked Issue. (Does anyone really care about any other issues?) Mr. Daley better mind his back, as Mr. Mears is diving headfirst into his spotlight, only he’s taking it one step further by losing the Speedo completely. The gauntlet has been thrown down. We now await the rebuttal from Daley

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Justin Bieber’s Bare Ass – For Real


A recent FaceBook post of mine indicated that I could never bring myself to make Justin Bieber a Hunk of the Day – and I am staying true to my word. So this is not a Hunk of the Day post – it’s sort of a wanna-be Hunk of the Day post, as it features Mr. Bieber mooning the camera. The idiot then went reportedly put it on Instagram, then promptly deleted it. Because, you know, Instagram and things on the Internet are so easily erased and forgotten. For those Beliebers out there – and for those who hate him – here is the butt pic. There’s something in it for everyone. (He is eighteen, right?)

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Hunk of the Day: Will Wikle


In another stunning set of photographs by Edwin Pabon (whom I hope to profile for this site very soon), the Hunk of the Day has been captured in fine form. This is Will Wikle, one of those reality-show graduates that I was unaware of until he started doing some modeling and go-go dancing (how else do you get to know someone?) His recent shoot with Benjamin Godfre is what prompted this renewed interest, and current crowning as today’s Hunk, but as the photo below will attest, it’s his back carriage that put him over.

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Bridging the Hunks


As a segue from our last Hunk of the Day, to our next Hunk of the Day (coming up later this afternoon), I offer a bit of both to bridge the sexy gap.


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Hunk of the Day: Benjamin Godfre


Introducing Benjamin Godfre, the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Godfre is a model, but dabbles in many other things as well, some of which are on their way to his website. I’ve been an admirer of his for a while, impressed by his mellow attitude, fun and carefree style, and his bravery in putting it all out there in photographic essays that are edgy, raw, uninhibited, and challenging. It’s one thing to bare your soul, quite another to bare your body, and there’s no telling which is more difficult on any given day. That’s the kind of photography – and model – I love most. The daring and the baring. The ones that make you squirm every-so-slightly, the ones that make you wonder. They’re also the ones that make you watch, because you never know quite how far they’ll go. It is an exquisite tension, one that results in the beauty seen before you – because that will always be beautiful to me. Nothing great ever came from playing it safe.


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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Goddard

13daniel goddard100

From the land Down Under, the Hunk of the Day is Daniel Goddard. One of the first places I started to realize that men were more attractive to me than women was on daytime television, particularly the steamy soap operas that had their leading men disrobe more than their leading women. Given that the viewing audience was skewed decidedly toward the female side, it made sense, and I was not one to complain. Mr. Goddard appears on ‘The Young and the Restless’, but might also be familiar from his shirtless work on ‘The Beastmaster’. (How ever did I miss that show?) He’s a popular presence on Twitter as well, and anyone who has a #StopBullying hashtag on his profile is a friend of mine.

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Spotlight on StoneLight


Continuing our tenth-anniversary celebration of, we are putting the StoneLight project into the spotlight. It was shot in 2007, in the hushed stillness and quiet of various cemeteries. Out of respect, whenever I drove past the gates into a cemetery, I’d shut off the radio or the CD that was playing, and allow the silence to be an offering of honor to the dead. Silly, perhaps, but something I felt was necessary. When compiling the photos and putting the project together, however, I turned the music back on. Whenever I complete a Project, or am in the process of creating one, I usually think of an inspiration song or two that sets the mood for the piece. Music, perhaps more than anything else, can always set a scene.  For the StoneLight work, I listened to Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto.

It has a slow, contemplative cadence that is a perfect reflection of time marching on, and viewing StoneLight while listening to this music can become an almost-spiritual affair, which is precisely the feel of that Project. The slowly-shifting shadows moving over stone, the textures of carved rock mottled by lichens, and the varying gradations of gray perfectly complement the somber pace of the concerto. The architecture of the human form is revealed in sculpture, each rib counted on the depressed keys of a piano. There is a stately nobility to the proceedings (in spite of all the nudity) and only the proper piece of music can convey that.

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Hunk of the Day: Matthew Camp

matthewcamp100 by edwin pabon

At first glance, you might think he’s nothing but a go-go boy, but Matthew Camp somehow manages to be so much more. Artist, model, fashion plate, dancer – he’s one of those Renaissance men that does so many things so well there’s no reason to confine his goals into something as small as a single label. (He can add the prestigious ‘Hunk of the Day‘ title to that list.) It’s a vain complaint that the beautiful among us have their own difficulties as well, but it’s no less true, and sometimes being seen as being beautiful – and nothing else – is a trap worse than all the lashes of the ugly whip, and more insidiously hurtful. Luckily, Mr. Camp embraces both his beauty and his charms, and has a good time whatever he’s doing. Case in point would be his modeling sessions with photographer Edwin Pabon (who took the photos here).

When he collaborates with Mr. Pabon, something magical happens, and that elusive alchemy between photographer and model crystallizes into something that transcends a few sexy images. Mr. Pabon may be his greatest chronicler, the Herb Ritts or Steven Meisel to his Madonna, and together they craft photographs that contain both instant beauty, and something deeper – an invitation to a story, a glimpse into a beginning, or an ending, and the mythical in-between leaves just enough to the imagination.

The beauty of a man is a curious thing. So often we demand that it contain strength and brutality, raw and naked energy, brute force and rough edges. Personally, I prefer a picture that offers a sense of vulnerability, a softness in the gaze, a friendliness in the eyes, the subtle crinkle of a smile. I also like something with a slightly raw edge, a nerve slightly exposed, leading to a jolt of electricity. Mr. Camp exemplifies this, with a playful wink in every pose, and Mr. Pabon captures it with a knowing click of the shutter.

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Classic Shot Series ~ Global Wheat Harvest


This is one of the new features of the site – a brief collection of classic shots, culled from within the last ten years of I’m starting with some of the older ones, as those are the ones that have already been forgotten, (and in which I look rather younger…) This particular batch is from a session for ‘The Divine Diva Tour: A Fairy’s Tale’ back in 2005. I think only one of them was actually used. As for that Project, I thought long and hard about putting it online, but determined that the world is not quite ready for me in drag – not like that. Perhaps one day…

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Naked at the Window


You like to watch, don’t you?

It was one of the first sentences I ever spoke aloud as a child: I like to watch.

We all do, especially the more inquisitive and curious among us. We might feel there’s something safe in being the watcher instead of the watched, but there are dangers inherent in both, and a risk to all showing, telling, and receiving. When the watcher becomes the watched, that’s when things get tricky. In watching you may feel you have the upper hand, but that’s mere deception. When you’re watching, you’re rarely living. You’re not the one performing the action being looked at, you’re not the one participating. You are observer, removed and impotent from involvement.

Dare you turn your gaze inward? Dare you put yourself out there? It’s so easy to watch someone else do it, so easy to judge and condemn, lurking and hiding from all the other eyes in snarky darkness. What would happen if you drew your own curtain back? Would you be brave enough to face such a chilly world?

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Hunk of the Day: Sandor Earl

sandor earl100

Our Hunk of the Day, Sandor Earl, is an Australian rugby player, but far more importantly in these parts, an underwear model. And that may just be the most obscene bulge ever to be featured on this site. (Click to enlarge…)

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