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Hunk of the Day: Todd Sanfield

After making such a splash in other designers’ underwear, it’s only right that Todd Sanfield started a line of his own. Though he doesn’t have the recognition of a name like David Beckham, or even Mario Lopez, he’s got, in my not-so-humble opinion, a better frame on which to hang his drawers. His line is also slightly better-cut than Mr. Beckham’s or Mr. Lopez’s, at least judging from the online photos. (I’ll have to try them out in person one day to be completely certain…) Congrats to our Hunk of the Day, Todd Sanfield.

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Dreaming of Skinnydipping

Because at the technical tail-end of Winter, you do what you gotta do to survive – in this case, re-living summer glory, remembering sunny days, and re-visiting shameless shots. Bare with me until this season closes its doors. (I’m told we’re getting snow.)

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Hunk of the Day: Scott Caan, Furry & Naked

Joining the pantheon of furry friends who have already been christened as Hunk of the Day, this is Scott Caan, one of the furriest (as exhibited below). Other notables in the hairy harem include Eliad Cohen, Novak Djokovic,  Ben Cohen, Josh Wald, Chris Evans, & Sacha Harding.

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Hunk of the Day: Eliad Cohen

This is, according to that often unreliable Wikipedia, “Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur, co-founder of Gay-ville, and producer of the internationally renowned PAPA Party” Eliad Cohen – our Hunk of the Day. Mr. Cohen was unknown to me before this moment, but he will certainly be remembered forever after. He was a recent cover model for the ‘Spartacus International Gay Guide’, so his image has gained international acclaim, and as seen here, with very good reason. Bonus Points for keeping it mostly natural too. We need more fur!

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The Magic Mann

Morality? It interests you does it? All right – it seems to us that one ought not to search for morality in virtue, which is to say in reason, in discipline, in good behavior, in respectability – but in just the opposite, I would say: in sin, in abandoning oneself to danger, to whatever can harm us, destroy us. It seems to us that it is more moral to lose oneself and let oneself be ruined than to save oneself. The great moralists have never been especially virtuous, but rather adventurers in evil, in vice, great sinners who teach us as Christians how to stoop to misery. You must find that all very repugnant. ~ Thomas Mann, ‘The Magic Mountain’

The wicked dance in which you are caught up will last many a little sinful year yet, and we would not wager much that you will come out whole. To be honest, we are not really bothered about leaving the question open. Adventures in the flesh and spirit, which enhanced and heightened your ordinariness, allowed you to survive in the spirit what you probably will not survive in the flesh. There were moments when, as you “played king,” you saw the intimation of a dream of love rising out of death and this carnal body. And out of this worldwide festival of death, this ugly rutting fever that inflames the rainy evening sky all around – will love someday rise up out of this, too? ~ Thomas Mann, ‘The Magic Mountain’

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Hunk of the Day: Stuart Reardon, Naked on Louis Vuitton Luggage

I don’t know what  gets me hotter in this series of photos – our Hunk of the Day, Mr. Stuart Reardon and his impeccable rear, or the Louis Vuitton on which he rests his backside in one of the last photos. It’s always a toss up as to what gets one off – hot male flesh or hot luggage. I am equally torn, but if pressed I’ll just say that luggage lasts longer, and is a much safer investment than a hot rugby player. Of course, that may be because I only have a piece of Louis luggage in the house and not a rugby player. It’s easier that way, and far less inconvenient on the grocery bill, or so I’m told.

This is a slightly-larger-than-normal spread for the Hunk of the Day, but Mr. Reardon definitely  deserves it. I many not be a fan of the ink, but I can honor a well-honed physique, and this is surely one for all-time inspiration. It may even inspire me to get off my lazy Winter ass and start working on a Spring tune-up. Just in the dick… err, nick… of time.

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Bon Jovi, Madonna, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Lots of Male Skin Shots

Last week’s weekly recap got away from me, so this collection recollects the past two weeks – something fitting for the final week of February – and good freaking riddance. I am over this Winter already, but I think we’re about to turn the corner. The song of a robin was heard this morning, the stuff falling from the sky is wet instead of frozen, and the scent of Spring is just starting to carry on the wings of the wind.

To that end, and the first hint of the coming season, it was time to update our home-away-from-home, so I made a trip to Boston to receive a new bed. And propose a Marimekko make-over.

It should come as no surprise that I got into my skivvies (and out of them) for part of this ants-in-the-pants month – such as here, here, here, and here.

The musical memories of the moment came not only from Madonna, but Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and Peter, Paul and Mary’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’.

There was also ample evidence of gratuitous male nudity, in the fine physical forms of Gareth ThomasAndrew Cooper, Shayne WardJason Statham, Tom ColleyWil Sabin, Sacha Harding (who sits on the bountiful buttocks seen below), and a special nude appearance by Tom Ford.

The subtle continuation of a new project went largely unhyped and unheralded which is the way I’d like this one to go.

The Oscars, and my bitchy commentary on a show I thought largely sucked.

And it’s not a real recap without a shout-out to Louis Vuitton and his new collection of robes and bags, or a reference to David Beckham and his underwear line.

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Naked Flight

We’re so hard, aren’t we, on people who are given everything? If you’d been given everything, you mightn’t have wandered very far from the pool deck, though perhaps you wouldn’t have spent quite so much time in the direct sun. It’s as if, when someone has it all, we demand that he be tormented by some pointless ambition for more. Here he is, rich and handsome, beating off women with a stick, and he’s supposed to go have adventures, try himself somehow, scour the earth for some unhappiness. ~ Mark Merlis, An Arrow’s Flight

Maybe they really were lovers, maybe this at last was what the word meant: your lover was the one you had to shelter from the worst things you knew about yourself. Yes, this had to be it, the hot shame and, somewhere beneath it, a strange, hopeless sort of jubilation. ~ Mark Merlis, An Arrow’s Flight

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Hunk of the Day: Gareth Thomas

In an effort to highlight more gay hunks (which I think I’ve done rather well with Matthew Mitcham, Cheyenne JacksonBrett Gleason, Chris SalvatoreAustin Armacost, Wil Sabin and Jack Mackenroth…) I offer you Gareth Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a retired rugby player who came out in 2009, while he was still playing – a pretty remarkable feat. I quite agree with his statement that, “I don’t want to be known as a gay rugby player. I am a rugby player, first and foremost I am a man.” Hard to argue with that – and if you’ve ever seen him in rugby action, this is not a man anyone would want to mess with. On the field, at least.

I can’t imagine the kind of fortitude it would take to come out on such a public level, and on such  admittedly-homophobic terrain. We’ve made great strides, thanks to the courage of men like Mr. Thomas. Hopefully one day soon it will be a non-issue.

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Sprawled Naked

“The body in the mirror forces me to turn and face it. And I look at my body, which is under sentence of death. It is lean, hard, and cold, the incarnation of a mystery. And I do not know what moves in this body, what this body is searching. It is trapped in my mirror as it is trapped in time and it hurries toward revelation….” ~ James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

“I long to make this prophecy come true. I long to crack that mirror and be free. I look at my sex, my troubling sex, and wonder how it can be redeemed, how I can save it from the knife. The journey to the grave is already begun, the journey to corruption is, always, already, half over. Yet, the key to my salvation, which cannot save my body, is hidden in my flesh.”  ~ James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

“Then the door is before him. There is darkness all around him, there is silence in him. Then the door opens and he stands alone, the whole world falling away from him. And the brief corner of the sky seems to be shrieking, though he does not hear a sound. Then the earth tilts, he is thrown forward on his face in darkness, and his journey begins.”  ~ James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

“I move at last from the mirror and begin to cover that nakedness which I must hold sacred, though it be ever so vile, which must be scoured perpetually with the salt of my life. I must believe, I must believe, that the heavy grace of God, which has brought me to this place, is all that can carry me out of it.” ~  ~ James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

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Hunk of the Day: Wil Sabin

Gay singer Wil Sabin opens up this late-blossoming week as the Hunk of the Day. He’s an Australian pop star/DJ/recording artist/choreographer, and he makes a mighty convincing ”Porno Star’, the video of which clearly illustrates his attributes (and those of a few other mighty men).

Everybody Wants to be a Porno Star
This how it’s goin’ down
Got me a handy cam
I’ll be Jean Claude Van Damme
You Kim Kardashian
Fiending to see your face
Once I have set the pace
Maybe invite your friend
Block out the whole weekend 


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Tom Ford, Naked (With Tan Lines)

Andy was kind enough to give me the gift of fragrance for Valentine’s Day, and I narrowed my selection down to two of Tom Ford‘s Private Blend scents: Ombre de Hyacinth and Oud Wood. This past weekend in Boston I made the final decision, and chose the Oud Wood, filling in the seasonal fragrance gap I’ve had in Mr. Ford’s line.

Here are the Private Blends I currently have, and when I like to wear them, more or less:

  • Arabian Night ~ September
  • Amber Absolute ~ October
  • Japon Noir ~ November
  • Santal Blush ~ December/Holidays
  • Oud Wood ~ February/March
  • Neroli Portofino ~ May/June/July
  • Lavender Palm ~ July/August

Obviously there is bound to be some overlapping, and these are not strict guidelines, just general ones, as my cologne choices tend to be dictated by weather and season more than name. Additionally, the beauty of the Private Blends is that many are designed to work well in combination with each other, and it is the only cologne line that I’ve found in which this is true. (I’ve never mixed or matched anything else because it gets overpowering – which is sometimes the over-the-top point of Mr. Ford.)

But let’s just get to the whole point of this post and probably the only reason you’re here: Tom Ford naked. And not just naked on his own, but Tom Ford naked and whipping another naked guy with a towel in some obscenely-staged, but no less hot, shower/gym scene. (I think the more important lesson here is that if Tom Ford has tan lines, then it’s okay to have tan lines.)

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Hunk of the Day: Shayne Ward

Another addition from across the pond, this is Shayne Ward, the Hunk of this American Holiday. I’m not sure what Mr. Ward is known for, so I’m guessing that means it’s some sort of reality show. Whatever it is, it seems to have put him in seriously proper shape, so maybe that’s what I need to do. Here are some shots from his recent Attitude cover story. Anyway, enjoy this hastily assembled post – I’ve just returned from Boston this moment, and this is all I can muster. Perhaps we’ll make a day of it.

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The Imminence of Bed

If all goes according to delayed schedule and changed plan, the new bed should have been delivered to Boston as of this writing. Whether or not this actually comes to fruition, I’ll be there, sleeping on an old bed or a new one, but glad to be in Boston no matter what.

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