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Video Ode to Male Nudity

It’s difficult to determine what exactly is being sold until the end, butt does it really matter?

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Naked Male Model David Gandy: The End (And His End)

David Gandy 1

Concluding our day of male models, I offer you this former Hunk of the Day, David Gandy. It pushes the limits of what I normally post on this NSFW site, but if I’ve already been banned where you work (as I have where I work) then Mr. Gandy’s almost-full-frontal shot here won’t make much of a difference. And his ass, well, we have never drawn that line. Where words fail, beauty speaks.

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The Naked Male-Model-as-Rough-Trade Shots

mateus verdelho 1

Is that a gun near his pocket or is he just happy to see me? While tattoos are not usually my thing, I’ll suspend that foolish rule for the sake of this bad boy, male model Mateus Verdelho. Is he bad because of his tats, or are his tats bad because of him. (I sincerely hope you didn’t come here today for the written word.) All we have are salacious pubic shots, all day and half of the night.

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Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Kroell


It’s a refreshing affirmation in the world when someone good-looking also has a heart of gold. In this case our Hunk of the Day, Ronnie Kroell, is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. His winning personality took him into the finals of ‘Make Me  A Supermodel’, and he has since gone on to tastefully grace the cover of Playgirl (where most of these shots were from) and appear in several films (Including the upcoming “Scrooge & Marley”). Those accomplishments notwithstanding, his greatest role may be his Executive Producer status on the new FRIEND film project.

The FRIEND film sounds both intriguing and a way of making a difference in the world. Here’s the background according to the website:

The story follows the life of two seniors in high school, Brad and Alejandro. Their lives are ones we can relate to; Brad, a straight A student, active with the school’s football team, the definition of your typical all-American male teenager. Alejandro, a good student, artistic, stays clear of petty school politics; a definable hipster finding his place in the world.

The two meet as juniors, and the sparks rapidly see the two teens to becoming a couple. Everything about the relationship follows its natural course, until Brad begins to face the suppressed doubts about his gender identity. The film takes a journey of self-discovery, bullying, and acceptance.

To donate to the making of the FRIEND film, check out the site HERE. For more on the luscious Ronnie Kroell, check out his own site HERE.

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Hunk of the Day: Sexy Santa Austin Drage


Another sexy Santa from the same shoot as this guy, in the form of Austin Drage, makes our Hunk of the Day. A find from across the pond (all the best ones are), I’m unsure of what exactly he is best known for, so I’ll go not too far out on a limb and say it was a reality program. And if he wasn’t, he probably will be at some point. For now, he’s the Sexy Santa of the day.

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Hunk of the Day: Mario Lopez, Trimming His Tree In Tiny Briefs


The Hunk of the Day is someone who has been featured on here before, Mario Lopez. Here we have him in a recent Twitter pic by his wife, showing him in his finest tree-trimming regalia. Who am I to judge?  I won’t horrify you with what I wore when trimming the tree (and I only did the lights…)

UPDATE: My friend LeeMichael pointed out that Mr. Lopez was giving me a run for my money in the ass-centric holiday greeting market. My first thought was that I wish my body was half as fit as his, but my second was that I would never trim a sharp-needled pine tree in such skimpy briefs, and I wouldn’t trade that sort of wisdom for the hottest body in the world.

Okay, maybe I would. But it’s more noble to pretend otherwise.

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XXXmas Porny Santas (Uncensored)


It’s just a matter of time before Andrew Christian just does a hard-core porn film in support of his underwear line. And I can’t wait. Here’s his holiday promo:

Hunky Santas: The Holiday Card (Uncensored) from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

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Excessive Ego & Naked Insecurity


This brief collection of psychedelic pics goes out to the person who said I either had a huge ego or massive insecurity – to which I asked, “Can’t I have it both ways?”



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Do You See What I See?

Said the night wind to the little lamb
Do you see what I see?
Way up in the sky little lamb
Do you see what I see?
A star, a star
Dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite…

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The Small Screen


The bed has a way of pulling you into it. Pulling you deep beneath covers, under pillows and blankets and sheets, drowning in an ocean of thread counts and fibers and the entrance to sleep. It lifts and carries, calls and cajoles, lilts and lulls ~ the combined effect of which serves to deliciously disorient on the order of the lotus-eaters.

Rippling water like waves of desert sand in Egyptian cotton.

The folds of the body of the earth.

Hazy, ambient noise of gauze and womb, soft and warmly inviting yet cold and hard as glass. A throw, a reflection, a question of indeterminate origin, lingering in the grainy atmosphere.

The erudite world collapses. The edges dissipate and disappear. The straight lines bend and sway and drop off completely. The corners curve and bounce back.

It is sucking you in, and there is no way out.

And then you are gone.

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Racy Almost-Rans…


Now that the Holiday Card 2012 has been revealed, I can show you a few shots that didn’t quite make the cut. The inspiration for these was a combination of disturbing and sometimes disparate things that caught my eye in the last year or so – particularly ‘American Horror Story’, a few bits of ‘Dexter’ (blame Andy for that infiltrating my life), and a classic Janis Joplin tune (‘Piece of My Heart’). The notion of doing a somewhat scary image was intriguing, as I’ve actually never thought to marry that to one of my holiday cards (I don’t consider S&M all that frightening, so those don’t count). This, however, incorporated some blood and guts (or at least a substitute heart), and it ranks high on my amusement list. The look on Andy’s face alone as the various props were being assembled was a priceless highlight of the year. (The work involved in getting stubborn fake-blood stains off my hands was not as fun.)

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The Holiday Card 2012 ~ A Christmas Massacre

XMAS 2012 Feat
Without further ado, I present both sides of this year’s Holiday Photo Card. Eat Your Holiday Heart Out…

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Hunk of the Day: Austin Armacost and His Ample Ass


This requested gem comes from the “cast” of ‘The A-List’, some gay reality show that I was told is completely horrid. Though how can it be if it features the beauteous maximus of Hunk of the Day Austin Armacost? (Actually, I’m told he was one of the worst ones, which just goes to show that pretty packages don’t always run deep.) At any rate, this site is not always those looking for something deeper – sometimes it’s simply for those looking.

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