A May Day Spattering of Male Celebrities in their Underwear

To christen this lusty month of May, let us take a look-see at some of the men who have already been featured on this site… in their underwear (and maybe out of it.) A guy in his skivvies can be a glorious thing to behold – but it all depends on the guy and his underwear. (Donald Trump in a pair of rumpled boxer shorts, for example, not so much. Same goes for Justin Bieber – eww to all the Beliebers.) The gentlemen below him, however, look better in precisely that mode.

Far more exciting than the Biebs is Chris Salvatore, which makes sense seeing as how he just released his first line of underwear, which includes the pretty-in-pink number he so perfectly fills out here.

Speaking of pink, check out the shirtless Aaron Schock, who, while not in his underwear here, might as well be. Sooner or later his naked Grindr texts are going to hit the internet, mark my words.

The amazing Russell Tovey is no stranger to selfies in his skivvies, and I have yet to hear a complaint.

While the following photo is not Tom Daley in his underwear, or even his Speedo, it’s welcome for its sunny and shirtless aspect – a much-needed blast of happiness and good weather from anywhere other than the Northeast right now.

And finally, bringing up the rear, literally and figuratively, is Harry Judd. Decidedly OUT of his underwear, as Mr. Judd often is. I’m still not hearing any complaints.

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