Speedo Trio: Tom, Jack & Chris

This triple threat threesome consists of Tom Daley, Jack Laugher, and Chris Mears, each of whom has been featured in solo fashion, particularly Mr. Daley, who has his own category on this website (a feat that only the iconic likes of David Beckham, Ben Cohen, Tom Ford and Madonna have managed to earn). This time, their Speedo-clad prowess combines to the power of the third, lending a prismatic status of hunkiness to the scene.

Tom Daley was christened with his first Hunk of the Day honor here, where we celebrated him in, of all things, a Speedo. It’s really the only way to celebrate Tom.

Jack Laugher got his first, and thus far only, Hunk of the Day spread here. Surely, he lacks nothing to merit a second, other than an Attitude photo shoot or such.

Finally, bringing up the proverbial rear in nothing but his own, Chris Mears stripped it off and got his Hunk of the Day crowning here.

Taken together, they make for a very merry Sunday morning, something to stave off the chill and conjure a source of heat that only the Speedo-clad can.

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