Speedo Close-Up

On this snowy Sunday (yes, snow in mid-October, because upstate New York sucks that way) here’s a second Speedo post to keep you warm. With this one, we are taking a closer examination on each of the guys featured on this Speedo Trio post.

First up is Jack Laugher, the blondest of the three, whose swimsuit barely seems to contain his backside. Pop it like it’s hot, because it’s freezing here today.

Second is Speedo All-Star Tom Daley, who gave us his all in myriad posts over the years.

Finally, on this day of threes, the third specimen we take on his own is Chris Mears, rounding out his colorful Speedo and soaking up the rays on a beach that is most decidedly warmer than anything in these parts. Calgon take me away.

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