Jockstrap Preparation

In joyful anticipation of the impending World-Series-inspired jockstrap post(s), here’s a linky look back at some of the sports stars who have shirtlessly and gratuitously graced the Archives of, starting with a baseball player.

This is a very naked Matt Harvey, posing for the ESPN Naked Issue (the only reason for that publication’s existence).

The naked tool known as Rob Gronkowski in his almost-altogether.

The first openly-gay NBA player Jason Collins.

UPDATE: Puckish stud and hockey player Sean Avery is NOT engaged to Andy Cohen.

Mr. Tom Brady, in tight pants. Need more be said?

Another football player shirtless and in tight pants, Danny Amendola

And yet another football player, Drew Brees, caught getting shirtless and sudsy in the shower.

Finally, straight ally sports star Matt Jarvis, doing laundry without clothes on. At least there’s a flimsy reason for that gratuitous male nudity.

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