Bountiful of Beauty, Pure of Peace


O Beautiful Place By The Sea… How my heart longs to be with thee… Clearly I’ve read too many Shakespeare sonnets of late, but the sentiment is true: I wish to return to Ogunquit. Our annual spring trip is a couple of months away still, so I’ll have to pine for a few more weeks, but that glorious shore is within mental sight, and I can almost taste the lobster on my tongue, the salty sea spray in the air. Cries of seagulls echo in my head, and the clanging of a flagpole in the gusty shore breeze sounds happy memories.

This will mark our 14th year of visiting the gorgeous Maine shoreline, where we have always found a sense of peace and calm. I used to think it was just the fact of being on vacation and out of work, with no schedule and an open few days of freedom and unstructured casual living, that caused such a euphoric state, but after all this time it’s clear that something else is at work. If it were only that, we’d find such joy every weekend, and the simple fact is that no other place in the world conjures what Ogunquit can.

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