Return to the Beautiful Place By the Sea


This morning Andy and I return to Ogunquit, Maine, for our annual Columbus Day weekend vacation – the final echo of summer hopefully still lingering in the air, or the definitive arrival of Fall and all its accompanying coolness. Either way, it’s Ogunquit, and there’s no better place to be, rain or shine.

While we’re away, I’ve programmed a traditional menu of male celebrity nudity, Madonna, and the measured mayhem of my mad existence that keeps all four of you coming back for more. (And I thank you each for that.) There’s also the special treat of a naked-on-Ogunquit-Beach photo of myself that I’ve been holding onto for all these years – so don’t blink or you’ll miss it. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying life by the shore, with intermittent updates on FaceBook or Twitter – or even LinkedIn if you want to find me a better-paying job (which is getting easier and easier as I haven’t had a proper raise in four years). I might even update this very site should I decide to bring my laptop. A little on-location posting is always exciting. (Actually, it’s usually pretty boring, but so is much of what goes on here, so let’s do it.)

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