A Pair of Holiday Hunks


These two turtle doves have been Hunks of the Day in the past, but their Christmas-themed poses merit this merry post. First up is Jake Quickenden, whose featured pic would be quite risky if such nudity was paired with any actual sleigh movement. The giant Christmas ornament is a less dangerous touch.

Second we have Simon Dunn, who had his own Mariah moment a couple of years ago, and who has since honed his already-practically-perfect body into something as wondrous as a Christmas star. Here are a few more bonus pics of Mr. Dunn, a bobsledder who has already been named Hunk of the Day not once, but twice. A few more photo shoots like this, and he stands a strong chance of joining the ultra-elite triple triumvirate of Hunks (of which only one very special gentleman has ever achieved). Perhaps Mr. Dunn is next in line

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