This Photo Was Reported For Pornography?

Fortunately, the powers-that-be at the almighty censoring division of FaceBook agreed with me that this photo did NOT rise to the level of nudity and pornography that it needed to be removed. What’s more comical is that someone on FaceBook took the time to report it as pornography, and now has to deal with it not being taken down. I’ve had a photo or two removed in the past, but the majority of photos reported for violating their standards were deemed to be within the guidelines. (Newsflash: I will never engage in nor post pictures of porn, even if I champion the rights of others to do so – it’s just not my thing.)

As for the anonymous coward who reported this semi-innocent pool photo, I want to extend my thanks again for driving traffic to as that’s about all that is accomplished when one of my photos gets reported. It provides fodder for a blog post in which the offending photograph is featured yet again… with links that go to even more offensive matter. Like this. And this. And this. And this. So, thanks much!

Click-cock, click-cock

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