The Photos That FaceBook and Instagram Banned

Littered with hubris, dismissive of comments, and vainglorious of content, I’ve never made a secret that this place is as self-serving as it gets. Which is what a personal website should be. The same goes for my FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram profiles. You are free to not visit if what I do is so offensive and tasteless to you.

A few days ago, someone reported the photos below and FaceBook and Instagram decided to remove them. At first it was mildly annoying. I’ve run afoul of their “nudity/pornography” standards once or twice in the past (those pics mostly happened in Las Vegas – they’re here somewhere – I would search for them if I were you). This time around, however, it irked me that someone had gone out of their way to report a harmless jockstrap photo. (Here’s where I turn into a bit of a twat, so skip ahead if you don’t need/deserve to hear it.) If what I post bothers you, defriend me or stop following me, because quite frankly I have no idea who you are, nor do I care to find out. I guarantee that I’m not visiting your page or profile, and there’s a good chance I don’t even know you exist. You’re not on my radar, but clearly I’m on yours. (Cunty rant over.)

So I got off for a while. FaceBook, that is, to see how it would affect my website stats. I expected a slight downturn, as it seemed that so many of the hits for this site were driven by FaceBook, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rather than hurt website traffic, it actually improved it. (We clocked our biggest number of hits in a month – over 11 million – neatly beating this banner month.) It turns out that if you can’t see something because FaceBook or Instagram removed it, you have to come here to view it. So to the person that reported my jockstrap bulge for its obscene and pornographic nature, thank you. And please, do it again. I know you’ll be watching me. You can’t help it.

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