The Very First Recap of a New Year

Smack that little baby New Year on the bottom and send him on his way, we are charging ahead into the wide-open expanse of a full twelve months of possibility and hope. Of course, we need to close the book on last year, which will finally take place with this post, a recap of the week that came before, which straddles this year and last like… some really amazing straddler

The very last Hunk of 2015, Harry Lawesdy.

A winter wonderland in transition.

Zac Efron naked, and in motion.

New York, gorgeous in Oud.

2015 in Review: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

New Year’s maintenance.

Memories of Narcissus.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour continues into the New Year.

SteamPunk baby!

BirdCage baby!

This hat will fly.

The first Hunk of 2016: Alex Mytton.

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