Falling Back on Tour

This weekend brings the next stage of The Delusional Grandeur Tour Book: SteamPunk BirdCage. It’s far less inflammatory than those fucking-bunny shots from the ‘Animal Demons’ section, so those who are easily offended may return, for the moment, and pick up where the journey last left off. For those who enjoy those sensational moments, stay with us through this relative lull in action.

I tend to like the quieter moments, particularly when backed by a Northeastern fall. The photos from this segment are framed with shots captured at Thacher Park, one of upstate New York’s gorgeous hiking spots. I managed to be there just as the foliage was turning – a few more days and the brilliance you see here would be blown away.

A fern retained its bright green hue, though it was on the verge of going pale yellow. As the nights cooled and the ground dried out, it would eventually turn a ghostly cream color, the leaves almost transparent when backed by a dying sun.

Fall has often proven to be fertile ground for my creative fire. The bite in the air, the chill in the night – they each served to spark a drive that may have slowed and softened in the summer sun. In the fall, I usually felt reinvigorated – and the beauty of the season was its own inspiration.

{A behind-the-scenes note: these photos were taken a couple of years ago. I wasn’t sure how or when or where I was going to use them, but when this section of the Tour Book was being created, they fit into it perfectly – the colors acted as an entry point for some of the browns and burnt umbers that are coming up. The changing of the leaves was also a signifier of transition – and following the scorching ‘Animal Demons’ section, we needed a little transition.}

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