The Christmas Recap Aftermath

Another Christmas has come and gone, and with it George Michael. Another great musician is taken by 2016. Please watch over Madonna because that will just be too much. On with the recap, because I want this year to be over and done ASAP.

Mercury is in retrograde until after the New Year. Good luck to us all.

Zac Efron took his shirt off, so some things are still sacred.

Shades of gray.

Florida recall.

A glorious pair.

Flashing my booty in a red union suit.


Kids are stupid.

Holiday hunks: Simon & Jake.

The Madonna Holiday Effect.

The 2nd Annual Children’s Holiday Hour in Boston.

Get merry.


All anyone saw was my bulge.

And my ball. (Perverts.)

The last Hunks of the year included Charlie Matthews,  Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matteo Lane and Jonathan Tucker.

Now let’s shoot this awful year out of the water.

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