The Day of as the Day After

It invariably happens that our Christmas wad gets blown way too soon, and everything from this point on, rather than being the start of something miraculous, is just the let-down at the end of it all. Seems at odds with what Jesus reportedly did with His life in the years after he was actually born.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we snuggle into our robes and long underwear, we hunker down and enjoy a day or two off from work, but mostly we just exist in a sort of holding pattern until life begins again, until work or school resumes, until we can pretend we’re not alive by doing all the things that deaden us to what really matters.

That got a bit too dark a bit too quickly.

But so do the nights at this time of the year.

Still, they are getting shorter. Hang on my friends, hang on.

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