The 1st May Recap, on the 2nd

The lovely and lusty month of May is at hand, but before we indulge let’s recap the last week of April, because good stuff happens then too. It began with a collection of keys. Outside, more lessons revealed themselves. Some stories longed to be told, but I wasn’t going to whisper them. There were parties to plan, and friends to gather. In the air, a hawk swooped through the middle of the day.

A lackluster Madonna Timeline proved that I don’t love everything she does.

Waiting for the day’s eye.

Mae West knows best.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour got all bloody.

Jewels & fruit.

The ‘Warrior Retribution‘ section began its jock-strap-shrouded descent, before concluding in superhero fashion.

A bevy of beautiful men bellied up to the Hunk bar: Ryan Serhant, Nathan McCallum, Ashley McKenzie, and Guilherme Rufino.

The beginning of May.

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