The Day’s Eye

The title of this post is the supposed common-name origin of the daisy. Being that they are JoAnn’s favorite flower, and this weekend’s Boston gathering is for her, I thought it fitting to kick off the festivities with the cheerful bloom. Suzie likes them too, and even I can appreciate their powerful simplicity and happy countenance.

Because of its wildflower status, and lack of refinement in a formal garden setting, the common daisy doesn’t get the same adulation as its more hybridized relatives, but the smaller and less-perfect blooms you find on the roadside carry their own charms. They have nothing to prove, content to exist and bloom beneath the heat of high day, holding their own against the brutal wind of passing cars or the chomping of a deer. Simplicity and endurance are a regular, and regal, pairing.

Behold the glory of the day’s eye.

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