Sweltering Recap (And More Naked Nathan Adrian)

High summer is upon is, as is a heat dome, and I’m reminded of my hero Lee Bailey’s July mantra: water, water, water – and keep watering. Coupled with weeding, cleaning out the attic, and the rest of the house, it’s a stay-home summer of long-overdue tidying. Of course, it’s more than that, but I’ve yet to determine how best to work it all out here. For now, the usual look-back at the week that came before:

Let’s begin with a bang. The Hunks of the Day: Robert Sepúlveda Jr., Arthur Nory, Keith Milkie, & Max Whitlock.

Madonna and her Messiah.

Another lovely pair.

A light laugh.

The night I took my Mom to a gay bar.

Give it up for Roxette!

High, high hollyhocks.

Balling & bucking it.


Summer sun(flower).


A very naked Nathan Adrian.

Our one true anniversary.

Salvation approaches…

Salvation arrives

Salvation at hand.

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