Snowy Recap

Buried in a foot of white stuff, I’ve had my fill of winter and it hasn’t even technically arrived yet. That does not bode well. I’ve also had my fill of being without  kitchen, and that’s only just begun. We have at least five or six more weeks of it, and that’s a groundhog message that needs to be retracted before I beat it to death. For today, though, let’s look back at a week that brought about Dallas recollections, disparate music selections, and only a few hunks to heat up the night.

My adventures in Dallas were chronicled in posts that described (or showed) this amazing hotel room view, a cold visit to Neiman Marcus, a not-so-narrow escape from a fire, one rather disturbing museum, a freak ice storm, and an extra day. A few more Dallas posts are on the way, so stay tuned…

The wildly varied musical taste that makes any mix from me such a schizophrenic treat was on display in this gorgeous song by Norah Jones, this holiday chestnut by Mariah Carey, and a wondrous seasonal offering by Sarah McLachlan.

Shirtless males were in short supply this week, and viewers had to make do with the scantily-clad offerings of Masiano Di Vaio and one lone shirtless Santa.

The penultimate entry for my ’13’ project went up here. (Yes, that means there’s one more… I couldn’t very well call a project ’13’ and then stop at 12, could I?)

A quick bit of lead-up hype to the release of this year’s holiday card began here, and continued with this fun retrospective of almost every racy thing that came before.

And then it was time.

Finally, forget sugar plums and Turkish delight, I want chocolate.

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