Shirtless Recap: Mid-July

There’s not much to say when the weather is fine and the living is easy, so I’ll keep this recap brief and to the point, filling it with eye candy over cumbersome words. My attention must turn to the gardens – mostly keeping them watered and well, which in 90 degree weather is a perpetual job, but a good one. There’s nothing more fulfilling than taking care of a plant and seeing it respond in kind. Here I am droning on about things when I promised something brief. I hear you. Here we go…

Gardening did indeed form an integral part of the week, with beautiful begonias and other little flowers.

Roses, and memories of roses, played a pretty part in the proceedings too.

Michael Phelps gamely gave Tom Daley a run for his Speedo-less money as he got naked and showed off some stellar tan lines.

A boy named Rat brought me back to Russia.

Gratuitous pool shots, but the booty pop will have to come later. (And believe me, it will.)

The heat was on, thanks to the Hunk of the Day. Adding shirtless sparkle to the summer parade were Daisuke Ueda, Hector PeñaRodrigo Guilherme, Jose Pena, Diego Sans, and double-dipper Ronnie Kroell.

Finally, Zac Efron – shirtless and riding a horse, as one does.

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