Just Add Water, Just Add Light, Now Splash

It’s not just the water, it’s the light. The way it glistens on the crests of tiny ripples, the way it wavers through the limbs of trees. Caught in a drop, reflected off a window, mottled by a passing cloud, it is the light that informs the water. The sun warms the pool, then the pool holds onto the heat after the sun goes to bed. Working in tandem to produce such a sensual experience, one always pales without the other.

It’s a reminder of the primal building blocks of this world, the basic requirements for life. There is play involved whenever water and light get together, and it’s a happy meeting, always.

The mad rush of giddy molecules in the way water follows water, and the undeterred path of light, not bothered or broken by such transparency, conspire to make the most grumpy soul smile and laugh with pleasure.

Sometimes the simple act of swimming can be a soul-stimulating experience. Let that not limit the fun involved. Splashing is not solely the province of the young and brave.

The water, and the light, will laugh if you know how to listen.

And if you know how to laugh, well, you’re more than half-way there.

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