Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Kroell, Times Two

Only very special guys get to be named Hunk of the Day twice on this site, and Ronnie Kroell is definitely worthy of that rarefied air. Thanks to a dedication to a new fitness regime, he’s managed the miraculous feat of bulking up while slimming down, improving an already-practically-perfect body, and infuriating those of us who can manage neither successfully. Yet it’s impossible to begrudge Mr. Kroell for looking so good (even in nothing but a sock for his cock), as he works so hard for it. In addition, his anti-bullying efforts for the Friend Movement continue in full-force, further proof that this good-looker is also a do-gooder.

Mr. Kroell rightfully came to fame from his modeling work, which now includes some upcoming shots taken by the magnificent Devin Mitchell, such as the one seen below.

UPDTE: Mr. Kroell recently revamped his website, and it’s definitely worth a look ~

Images like this are compelling evidence that the muse is just as important as the master, and that Mr. Kroell is a Renaissance man for the ages. He evokes, he enchants, he entrances, he enthralls. In the embrace between beauty and art, he forges an emotional charge, bringing depth to a world too-often overtaken by the shallow and the superficial.

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