Peaceful Posts

Somewhere along this thirteen-year-old website’s journey things became less about me and more about that which inspired and tickled and sometimes offended me. Granted, it’s still from my perspective, and as long as it’s mine I’ll post whatever the hell I want, but day after day of myself gets boring, and you may have noticed that I’m not as interested in posting my own photos as I am of other things, other people, other inspirations.

I’ve also tended to steer clear of going full-on political, even though I will step into the muck from time to time when it’s warranted. However, there’s enough of that on my FaceBook and Twitter feeds, and I want to get back to the basics of what this blog was originally intended to be: a sanctuary of stillness and calm, with accents of eye candy and humor, where beauty and strangeness and contemplation exist in a peaceful realm.


Here is a list of several posts that exemplify what I most want this little piece of the internet to be. They warm my heart, so I’m hoping they warm yours too.

A walk in the woods.

A night in the dorm.

A dinner for family.

The beauty of a scarf.

Smudge this.

Entering Cambridge.

The beginning of an obsession.

The grandness of neroli.

Sailing through the storm.

A family affair.

Drawn by the undertow, my life is out of control.

When in doubt, make this cocktail.

And when you’re at your wit’s end, pamper yourself.

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