Mid-May Wrap-Up

It was a week for the romantic at heart. Our third wedding anniversary was marked by a return to Boston. The city was in full bloom, like the cherries we left behind here, here, and here. It was also a good time to see the city at night, with some friends old and new.

Continuing the romantic theme, it was a week dominated by the film version of ‘The Great Gatsby‘ (and why I loved the book so much), also marked by a shift in perspective, in the best way that great books open up to us long after we think we know them.

Madonna once again conquered and reigned at the Met Gala.

What would FaceBook have looked like in the 1990’s? Or, more accurately, how badly would I have embarrassed myself then?

The gardens were springing into full-effect, thanks to the Judas tree, and some pretty pastels.

Hunks were in short supply, but his turn in ‘The Great Gatsby’ put Leonardo DiCaprio on the map, and a few new shirtless photos of Zac Efron made up for missing eye candy.

We closed the week with a pair of Mother’s Day posts here and here (and a tulip memory for good measure.)

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