Madcap Monday Recap

My adventures in Dallas will be touched upon in a later post. I’m writing this on a plane I barely boarded on time (after running – nay, sprinting – through the Atlanta airport, which is no tiny airport). After my asthma attack I settled in for a ride home I never thought I’d make. So I’m going to quickly recap the previous light week of posts, and then delve into how I survived a Dallas ice storm and the temptations of the original Neiman Marcus store.

First up was the tremendous news (at least for these parts) that Tom Daley was dating a man. I say good for him. God knows I’ve done my share of dating men – why should he be denied?

Next was my annual Holiday Stroll with Kira, Part 1 and Part 2. Tis the season.

The Hunks for holiday season were Josh Hutcherson, Jesse Metcalfe, Adam Levine, Joel Edgerton, Stuart Reardon, and these sexy Santas.

Speaking of holidays, check out the storefront of Tiffany’s at Copley Place.

Finally, even more naked male celebrities.

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