Christmas at Tiffany’s

Only one person ever got me a present at Tiffany’s – a very sweet ex-boyfriend who bought me a beautiful silver pen. I still have it, and it writes better than any other pen I’ve ever used. I shopped here briefly for wedding rings, but it was a bit too stuffy and pretentious for me to feel comfortable. The one thing I do, and I’ve done it since I was a little kid staying next door at the Copley Marriott, was to inspect their display windows. They captivate with wit and whimsy, and it’s never a hard-sell of merchandise. In fact, most of the time one needs to specifically seek out what item of jewelry or expensive accessory they are featuring.

As an adult, I ventured into the Copley store to deliver a bracelet in need of repair for a friend. At that time, the staff was helpful and courteous, if a little wary of my under-dressed visage. I’ve been around the retail block (both ends) to know when I’m being watched. Not that it’s ever bothered be beyond a slight annoyance with the principle of the thing. (I’ve never been one to judge anything based on appearance. That was for you Santa – wink-wink!)

This year they incorporated the stone façade for perhaps the first time in their decorating scheme, and I love the way it completely transforms a retail landmark that most Boston dwellers have seen for three decades into something totally new and different. Thinking outside of that Tiffany blue box paid off handsomely here. Not enough to allow me to make any purchases, but a price can never be put on beauty and magic.

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