Last July Recap

How in holy hell did we mange to reach the last week of July already? Karen Carpenter would roll over in her tiny grave if she knew we hadn’t just begun, yet here we are. This ends the leisurely summer weekend phase, since come August 1 I will be officially ‘on tour’ which fortunately is more a state of mind than anything else, but upcoming trips will lend it some credence. Before that, though, this look back at the height of summer.

British actor Danny Walters kept shirtless vigil by the pool.

My birthday wish list was revealed – though a more reasonable one for more casual acquaintances will be posted shortly. Hey, I want EVERYONE to be able to participate.

The soon-to-be classic beefcake pin-ups of tomorrow as seen today.

This pretty survivor is resplendent in pink.

A Dusty Hunk who is equal parts hairy and hot: Dusty St. Amand.

Our 15th anniversary arrived in lovely fashion.

The only kind of cars I can afford to give Andy at the moment are the blog-post kind.

More Tour Promos, as inspired by the great Diana Vreeland.

Currently playing at the Mac-Haydn Theatre: West Side Story.

The Boulevard of broken dreams.

Shirtless hunk Yadier Rodriguez.

Is Grindr cheating us of our destinies?

Big, bodacious & beautiful Ben Cohen.


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