A Decade And A Half With Andy

15 anniv andy 1

Exactly fifteen years ago tonight, I first met the man who would become my husband. On a rainy day that had suddenly cleared for the evening, I saw him across the room, and we locked hearts before we realized what was happening. As we get older, and our lives align into one, there is a deeper resonance that rings on such occasions. It feels like an accomplishment as much as it feels like any other day. We are lucky and blessed, yet we each have to work at it from time to time. A happy marriage is as much about compromise and work as it is about rainbows and unicorns, yet there is no greater happiness than a shared life.

Once upon a time I felt the need to sing and shout about such things. These days, we enjoy each other on a quieter level, with a deeper understanding, and the wonderful richness of a decade and a half together. Happy Anniversary, Drew!

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