An Ancillary Birthday Gift Wish List

tom ford sun

Though there are only four gifts I am really pining for the most this birthday season, I suppose I should put some filler gift ideas up here for more casual acquaintances and cheap-ass family members, or future friends I have yet to meet but would be glad to do so if they get me one of these beauties. THink of these as stocking-stuffers for the Big 4-0. As always, one can never go wrong with Tom Ford, and while most of his items are beyond the means of many, Gilt offers some of his items at a deep discount. A pair of sunglasses would be absolutely lovely. (And actually cost less than his Private Blend fragrances.)

There’s also my old standby Amazon Wish List, which has been updated and is once again current. Please make generous use of it. And, as I was once reminded of on a wedding invitation no less, money is always the right size and color. See, there’s always someone more crass and classless than me.

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