Hunk of the Day: Dusty St. Amand

Dusty St. Amand 101

For the lovers of the hairy and the hirsute, and this blog has many, this is Hunk of the Day Dusty St. Amand. As someone who embraces his own natural body, foregoing the tweezing and plucking that has plagued the present notions of male beauty for far too long, St. Amand is a welcome and refreshing push for an untamed gorgeousness. More of us need to embrace that. Pushing back against the mainstream, bucking the smooth pristine perfection of airbrushed falsity ~ this is where true beauty lives.

[See also Ben Cohen, Jared Allman, Hutch Dano, Simon Cowell, Justice Joslin, Mark Ruffalo, and, on occasion, Henry Cavill.]

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