A Recap to End the Retrograde

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, please let this recent retrograde motion of Mercury end, and let it end with me. Today is supposedly the day things calm down a bit after that tumultuous bit of planetary movement, and whether or not you believe in such things, the world has gone a little bit around the bend these last few weeks.

At such times, and particularly at this time of the year, I get the itch to wash things clean, and begin anew. No better way to restart the engine than with the Mistress of Chameleonic Motion, Madonna.

Andy went on the radio to talk about his greatest passion: cars. Surprisingly, aside from a ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ break and a quick shower, I mostly listened. (They hooked me with Madonna’s ‘Body Shop.’)

It became a little harder to hear this week, with all the wind and snow, but the first whispers of spring were in the air (even if it was all so much wishful thinking).

Glass magic, optical trickery, and sleights of sight.

An eclectic collection of Hunks was comprised by Marwan Kenzari, Johnny V, Adrian De Berardinis, Adam  Driver, Sebastian Swiatek, & James Haskell (seen above and below).

A lazy Sunday got a sexy sort of make-over, not just once, but twice.

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