Sexy Sunday Shots – Part II

Our lazy parade of sexy Sunday shots continues with this post, whereby things heat up with another collection of shirtless (and occasionally pants-less) gentlemen. Collections of shirtless male celebrities, and naked male celebrities, are nothing new here, but they are very much loved, so let the love shine.

We begin with the almost-naked body of Tom Daley.

The Olympics always afford the best in physical forms, such as the impeccable attributes of James Ellington.

It’s lame to lump male models into a single category, so let’s shine a separate spotlight on Ben Hunt, Juan Betancourt, Ryan Paevey, Josh ButtonRyan Bertroche, and Choi Ho Jin.

Another Olympian, from the Winter Games, this is Evan Lysacek.

A gay-themed movie put Marco Dapper on the map, and his naked body kept him there.

Harry Judd has become a favorite here, thanks to nude romps like this.

At the very beginning of a healthy run of underwear-clad posts, Dan Osborne had his first Hunk of the Day honor here.

The word ‘epic’ gets overused, but it’s the only one that encompasses two-time Hunk of the Day Todd Sanfield. It also works well for Nick Bateman and this glorious post.

When Hunks unite, it’s a sight to behold.

One last male model to close out this sexy Sunday: this is Justin Clynes in wet briefs. The End.

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