Sexy Sunday Shots – Part I

On this crazy Sunday, I’m taking the easy way out and posting this two-part collection of fine male specimens who have graced this blog with their beauty over the years. You can amass your own collection of favorites by conducting a search for your favorite male celebrity and seeing if he has been honored as a Hunk of the Day (or just some random eye candy). As always, requests are appreciated and more often than not speedily honored. As for other delectable morsels, let’s begin with Reichen Lehmkuhl, whose assets have been splayed across television screens and magazines the world over.

The holidays have long since passed from my mind, but these two sexy Santas remain: Austin Drage and Stuart Pilkington.

For those Bond-lovers out there, or just the Daniel Craig lovers out there, here you go.

Questionable behavior notwithstanding, Robin Thicke had his day in the Hunk-light.

Before he dropped trou in ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, Jamie Dornan was a Hunk of the Day, thanks to his male modeling poses.

Gay YouTube sensation Davey Wavey makes some namesakes in this post.

A perennial favorite, this was Alex Minsky’s first Hunk of the Day honor.

The busting briefs of Eliad Cohen shall surely keep somebody warm.

Singer and booty-shaker Will Sabin knows how to work it.

Finally, we close out this first post with Zac Efron, the finest closer there could be.

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