A Recap for the Roses

The month of June has traditionally been about the roses, and while we don’t grow very many (circulation, poor soil, and humid summers make for difficult rose-growing conditions) we certainly appreciate a few bouquets of them now and again. They provide the seasonally-appropriate backdrop for this quick early June recap – the best time of year to remember.

Up and down and all around.

A coral-hued peony is a thing of beauty.

An anniversary in Boston

And a Red Sox game to come.

The Glamour!!!

The Panache!!

The Purple!

The Delusional Grandeur Tour rounded its final, albeit long, turn with the ‘Samsara Healing Water’ section, Part One and Part Two.

Shaking the seed.

My mother’s dress, reborn.

You are invited to a Wonderland Gala this Friday, June 10 – and I’ll be there with more than bells on.

Nick Bateman and his nude butt.

The parade of Hunks included Vinny Vega, Vinny Castillo, Enrico Omri Ravenna, & the Mertailor, Eric Ducharme.

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