The DG Tour: Samsara Healing Water – Part 2

If you’ve never seen the ocean, and many times even if you have, you cannot comprehend its vastness, the sheer scope and expansiveness of such immensity. It instantly puts almost everything into sudden, and meek, perspective. We like to think of ourselves as so much more than a grain of sand on this planet, but really we are not. We are but a tiny fraction of the fold, and even our largest and grandest cities could be plucked and dropped into the middle of that water and the earth would barely even shudder.

No one wants to think about how small and insignificant we might really be. Maybe it scares us. Maybe we fight against that, working our way to become Someone, or to make something that Matters. Maybe getting our heads around the simple enormity of the world is our purpose in life. How does one even begin to make a mark?

Across the expanse of all that blue water, where leviathans glide through the lightless depths, another shore eventually arises.

How far could you go?

How far would you go?

Blue begets green, as light and air and water nourish the growing, living things, and orbs within orbs circle on our great sphere. There is a shift in the perspective of things, a seismic disturbance that will register and reverberate far into the future. Maybe we can move the world.

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