Hunk of the Day: Eric Ducharme – The Merman

eric ducharme 101

Most of us have a fond memory of ‘The Little Mermaid’ – many because of the Disney cartoon musical. Mine was a little more twisted than most, with its sinister stalking undertones and the fact that I almost got killed by a dog while spying on a summer crush, but I digress. Mermaids have held many of us in their seductive sea sway, captivating with their historic lore and the other-worldly beauty of their design. One doesn’t hear as much about mermen, but Eric Ducharme is working to change all of that.

Our Hunk of the Day has made a name for himself by living out his fantasy life as one of the mythic sea creatures. He even had a feature stint on a television show that showcased his unique obsession. More impressively, he makes and sells some beautiful mertails if you want to become a mermaid/merman yourself. (Check out his brilliant Mertailor site – I want the Jellyfish Dream model.) Secretly, most of us yearn to be as free and unfettered as a mermaid or merman, poised on the precipice between human and fish, gliding along through the water with iridescent scales and a sleek and powerful tail. Mr. Ducharme is able to do that – the rest of us just want to be part of his world.

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