A Recap for the Middle of December

With all the snow we’ve had already, it’s worth noting that winter has not even officially begun yet. Just thought I’d put that out there to give us some sad perspective on how the next few months will play out. Thankfully, there are things to keep the cockles of the heart warm and cozy, and I’ll do my best to keep things hot here.

Ginger hottie Seth Fornea set off a fiery Hunk of the Day run, which continued with Joe Zaso and Ben Patrick Johnson.

Tea & poetry.

A pair of impostors cropped up (coincidentally?) on the same day, and I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended.

Babs, Part 1.

Mixing things up with Tom Ford.

A teaser.

A pleaser.

And this year’s snowy holiday card.

Babs, Part 2.

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