My Name is Not David

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and I suppose I should be glad it’s nothing worse. A FaceBook friend alerted me to the fact that someone was using my likeness on a Scruff account (similar to Grindr, but for hairy guys?) and sent me the photo below to verify whether I had posted it or not. “David” is going around Scruff pretending this photo of myself is actually him. The silly, vain, and really only side of me is nothing but flattered, though I do feel bad for whomever has resorted to using my face to get whatever they’re hoping to get. It hasn’t worked with the Tom Ford shoes I’ve had my eyes on, so best of luck.

Personally, I’ve never understood impersonating someone else, or using someone else’s picture on the internet. What’s the point? I mean, what real, truthful thing will ever come of it? If you’re looking to meet someone (the whole point of Grindr and Scruff, I assumed) how will that work when the real “David” shows up? Or is it just a silly game to pass the time, some poor-man’s version of Candy Crush? Whatever the case, it’s sad all around.

On the plus side, this person did use a photo with a nice kimono in it when they could have chosen something far more salacious. Even better is that they have me pegged at 127 pounds. (Not since 1993, buddy, but I’ll take that delusion as an early Merry Christmas to me!)

UPDATE: Apparently it’s also happened on Twitter. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, indeed.

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