The Countdown Begins… Tonight’s the Night

This evening will mark the Holiday Card 2014 Reveal on this very site, so come back later for all the wider wonder. In the meantime, a brief look back at some notable cards that came before. The very first card I ever sent out was done way back in 1995, and it had a theme I returned to time and time again: S&M. It doesn’t stand for Santa and Magic, but I love a light S&M scene for the holidays. Who doesn’t?

Of course, variety is the spice of life, so every few years I liked to change it up, as seen in the featured photo here, from 2004’s chilly holiday shot, wherein I sprayed my hair in ice queen style. That sort of simplicity has gone by the wayside in recent years, but it will return one day because it’s, well, simple. For 2005 and 2007, seen below, there were more cheeky holiday hellos, the first of which was the accessory-rich mirrored jock-shot that not everyone loved, while the latter Santa-gone-bad was a favorite (though not one of mine – it’s not easy to smoke and drink beside a dumpster on a freezing night while your husband laughs at you).

Speaking of husbands, the only card that’s ever featured Andy was from 2010 – the year of our wedding – in which we posed around the pool in our wedding garb. This is a sentimental favorite for obvious reasons, and the first time I ever shared billing with another person.

That’s right, the boy has grown up and learned to share, as proven in 2011’s family-friendly fare, where I pulled a wagon with my niece and nephew.

Lest anyone think I was going in a family direction, 2012 marked a return to the tasteless and racy, as things got bloody and violent. I happened to love this little Santa’s massacre night, front and back.

Last year I sent out the easiest-ever holiday card: a picture of me and my brother from our childhood. It was a little sweeter than a bloody organ.

Which sets the stage for a return to something more… edgy. And snowy. And blowy… Get ready for the white stuff. Tonight’s the night.

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