A Recap for the Last Week of Winter

This is it: the last official week of winter! We are about to kick this motherfucker to the curb because I am so done with it I was contemplating a move to Florida. That’s crazy talk, but we’re in crazy mode until this snow goes. We’re almost there. My friend JoAnn spent the past weekend with us, and it was the perfect reunion – but more on that a bit later. For now, a look back.

Madonna was back in full-force ~ a lovely return to pop culture form that will continue during her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show all this week. The ‘Rebel Heart’ album is an epic release – her best work in a decade – and one that embellishes and adds to a musical legacy that was confirmed legendary many years ago.

Jason Dundas was lucky enough to interview Madonna, and that was enough to get him christened as a Hunk of the Day.

Music makes the people come together, as evidenced by local luminary Caleb Eick and his senior recital.

Waiting for the end of winter… and this too shall pass.

Boston Renaissance Man Ricardo Rodriguez made his debut as Hunk of the Day, only his latest honor in a long string of accomplishments.

Sunday morning with the Ilagan twins.

This Hutch (Dano) was not made for your dining room (mostly because he’s shirtless.)

We had a gay old time.

One Hunk of the Day by request ~ James Norton ~ and a group of British gentlemen who took it off before.

Boom! A Special Guest Blog by a dear old friend: JoAnn ‘JoJo/Josie’ MacKinnon.

A gift for JoJo: this shirtless post on Jason Statham.

Finally, Max Emerson was honored as a Hunk of the Day for s second time thanks in no small part to his underwear web series.

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