A Patriotic Recap

With the Patriots squeaking out a victory amid one of the crazier SuperBowl races of late, it’s a day of celebration here on this Boston-centric blog. This look back at the week before begins with that SuperBowl insanity, which includes this link-filled post of Madonna, Tom Brady’s ass, jockstraps, and more.

When you’ve digested that doozy, check out the fine gentlemanly stylings of Richard E. Grant, who got all kinds of nasty on last night’s episode of ‘Downton Abbey.’ You’re gonna hear him roar.

Mr. Grant and his fragrance stirred cologne envy, but I wasn’t feeling it from Tom Ford.

Twenty nine years is a long time, but I remember it like yesterday.

Trickery and tomfoolery were afoot, as the Trickster archetype reared his mischievous head again.

Words of love.

At night, I lock the doors, where no one else will see.

The Hunks of the Day were represented by Pierre Vuala, Jose María Manzanares, Jason Rosell and Tom Luchsinger ~ while a former HOD, Andrew Hayden Smith, dropped trou and showed off his underwear.

Most impressively, at least from this inside vantage point, was this post – the first-ever Special Guest Blog – written by my friend Skip Montross. It’s the start of a whole new feature, and I’ve already got the woman who’s known me since birth, a cook who shares my love of Jack Spade, and an actual pussy lined up to helm future guest blogs. If you want to throw your hat into the mix, and I do hope you will, hit me up at alanilagan1[@]

Oh, and Justin Timberlake did NOT give a rim job, no matter what this picture looks like.

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