Hunk of the Day: Richard E. Grant

richard e grant 01

When a Renaissance man is able to surprise and delight with a twist you never saw coming, there’s a certain thrill I get that jolts my heart in the most joyously unexpected way imaginable. Such was the case when I discovered, rather long after the fact, that Actor/Director Richard E. Grant had produced a fragrance last year. Usually I’m quite on top of such matters (I tend to ferret out when Tom Ford is coming out with a new Private Blend before Mr. Ford himself is aware). In the case of Mr. Grant, his ‘Jack‘ perfume was a lovely surprise that revealed another layer of a complex gentleman. For that reason alone, I had to write up this Hunk of the Day honor.

Additionally, however, it’s in service to his many years of stealing the show, whatever that show may be. The sinister way he snarled through ‘Gosford Park’ paved the way for every villain on ‘Downton Abbey’ – a show into which he’s injected new life this season, as is his wont. Yet for all of his amazing acting work (and 2005′s directorial accomplishment ‘Wah-Wah’) I may be most excited about his fragrance venture. Mr. Grant shares a passion for scent, and his cologne cocktail, with an opening of citrus, hints of marijuana, a dash of vetiver, and a few select spices, sounds like a heavenly masterpiece designed to delight the olfactory senses. (Yes, I’m rooting around for a sample, and hoping desperately they ship overseas.) In the meantime, I offer this Hunk of the Day crowning to Mr. Grant, the quintessential British gentleman who likely smells as good as he looks.

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