Derring Do, Baring Boo(ty)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a shameless underwear post like this, but the people want what they want. (Not that anyone really wants this.) Besides, it’s the weekend, so I can be as gratuitous as I want and no one will be able to find me.

There are a number of guys who have taken far more off than this, and they are in the ‘Naked Male Celebrities’ category of this site.

There are some who have taken off a little less, and they’re in the ‘Shirtless Male Celebrities’ section.

There are some who show off ‘Bulges’ in their briefs and boxers.

There are others who wear their ‘Underwear’ as outerwear.

I’m going to stop now before things go all Dirty Dr. Seuss on your ass. Or mine.


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