Social Media Shamelessness

Some people keep their guard up when dabbling in social media. For me, it’s the opposite. Social media provides one big playground for my kind of exhibitionist fun. While this website can hold up to the grandstanding and soapboxing that I sometimes enact, I find most of my serious stuff too, well, serious for places like FaceBook or Twitter or Instagram. Those are the haunts where I can let my hair down (though not my pants – in a twist of tragic irony, my nudity can only be seen here.) But for the most part, my real self shines through on social media because it’s a quick, honest glimpse of what we’re like every day.

Instagram is probably the silliest – with vainglorious selfies and flowers and cocktails forming the bulk of entries. (See accompanying photos.) Yet it also allows me to be my most candid and unstaged.

Twitter is light on content, short of characters (140 or less), but succinct in expression.

FaceBook allows the fullest view of one’s life, outside of a personal website of course, and if I get deep on social media, that’s usually where it will happen.

Whenever I’m away (as I’ll be this weekend) this website usually goes on autopilot, with pre-programmed posts (such as this one) and carefully-choreographed entries designed to maintain momentum, and hopefully keep viewers coming back for more. Yet it’s not an accurate depiction of what’s happening at any given moment. For that, you will need to friend me on FaceBook, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Let’s face it, we all like to watch.

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