Banned Boy Butter

boy butter 101

Since when does an old-fashioned butter-churning escapade turn into something too titillating (read: too gay) for Comcast to air it during RuPaul’s Freaking Drag Race? Since now, apparently, as the commercial below was just banned by Comcast in an effort to solidify its evil reputation. Oh well, you know the Boy butter company is only going to get even more publicity from this, so lucky them. I’m more interested in promoting anything that Seth Fornea features so prominently in. (I mean, hello. And hello. And, umm, hi there.)

And to think, the only butter-churning experience I’ve had likely involved some play-acting in Old Sturbridge Village by a woman who would probably give Skip Montross douche-chills. (Buy us a cocktail one day and he’ll tell you all about it.)

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