A Lucky 13th Recap

Whether or not you believe that we should be celebrating Christopher Columbus, many of us have today off from work, so I’m not complaining. We should be on our way back from our annual Columbus Day weekend trek to Maine, but this week will begin with a Washington tale before we get into the Maine events. For this post, however, a quick recap of the week that was posted on this site. Time is nothing but manipulated here. On with the show.

The Nick Jonas shirtless lovefest continued with a few more shots from his recent gay-friendly promo jaunt.

Provisions for a long winter were prepared by this one-man canning machine.

In the fall, beauty and words are a balm for the chill to come.

Keeping things warm were these Calvin Klein underwear models.

The last swim of the season was happily later than usual. And so was the last bout of skinny-dipping.

An impressive array of Hunkdom was on display, thanks to the talents of Jeremy Jordan, John Carroll, James Rodriguez, and Nick Carter.

One of my favorite songs is Betty Buckley’s rendition of ‘When October Goes’ – but it has not gone yet, so let’s allow it to linger.

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