DC Preview

Last weekend we celebrated a wedding in Washington, DC. Those posts are about to appear, but before that let’s take a trip down DC Memory Lane. I have several fine recollections of that fair city and that House so White, and each visit brings further adventures.

One of my first memories was a family vacation where we met up with our cousins. We toured the Smithsonian that day, and the stop at the insect portion – where they allow you to touch and hold giant cockroaches and beetles and such – freaked me out so much that I had to sleep with my parents for a year afterward. To this day, I have nightmares in which there is a bug on me. I blame the Smithsonian.

Later on, we visited my Uncle and Aunt, who worked for very well-to-do lawyers on a street populated by politicians. The first home they worked at was just a few doors away from the Vice President’s residence. It was magnificent – an old brick edifice anchored by a pool that stretched into a shaded grove covered in ivy. The sight of ivy clinging to a brick wall brings me instantly back to those visits. We were just kids then, transfixed by the magic of our Uncle, and enchanted by the world of Washington and its green-lined Potomac River, backed by glowing monuments that lit up the night.

In the ensuing years, the city would morph and change as we grew up. Darker and colder days populated my memory bank, as my Uncle and my Aunt passed away. But happier days and events balanced them out – weddings and celebrations and births – and it’s one of the latter that brought us back last weekend. That story, and the accompanying photos, will begin next week, when The Diva Takes DC

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